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Testador Conversores & Fontes de Alimentação


S400 Converter/Adapter Power Supply Tester

    * A full-capability, automatic DC power supply test system in an instrument chassis
    * Configurable with DC electronic loads, DC power supplies plus an AC power source

The S400 Power Supply Tester is a load-based, full-capability system intended for high-speed functional testing of low-power products such as DC-DC converters, VRMs, AC-DC supplies, adapters and chargers. All the measurement, control and test executive capability found in upright-cabinet-sized automatic power supply test equipment are contained within the instrument-sized S400. The power supply tester is configurable with upper power limits in the range of 600 W and 4 to 6 outputs. Within these limits, it is an ideal solution for power supply manufacturers that require comprehensive test capability and enterprise network compatibility, together with the configuration flexibility to meet future requirements.

A Complete Power Test Solution
The power supply tester is available in two models: the S430 for DC-DC converter test and the S440 for AC-DC power supply test. All stimulus and measurement instrumentation, along with a multiplexer, digital stimulus, comparators, timers and relays are contained within a single chassis. The entire test capability and software features found on the most advanced full-sized power supply ATE are included. The user needs only to add fixturing in order to start testing.

Configurable With Interchangeable Power Modules

A key to flexibility, as well as compact design, is the Modular Load System that has been a fundamental component of larger test systems for many years. This is the portion of all testers where flexibility is most often required. What makes this system unique is that the 6-slot chassis will accept any combination of DC electronic loads and/or programmable DC power supply modules, as shown on the accompanying chart. Additional flexibility is achieved through the ability to synchronously parallel modules from within a test program to match each supply-under-test's specific stimulus requirements. In this manner, it is possible to configure a wide range of virtual loads and sources within the chassis limits. All modules also have wide operating ranges and constant power operating envelopes to allow covering a maximum range of requirements with a minimum group of modules.

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